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Its a great viewer for your site, BUT

BUT without configurable push alerts, useless to an admin. Text message isn't going to wake me up at 4am if theres an outage.

It's a pain

Doesn't stay logged in. Contact support doesn't work. Very poor app; has poor UI and doesn't work .

Not staying logged in

New update is not staying logged in.

Impossible for users with 2FA

Every time I switch to my Authenticator app to grab my 2FA token, I am greeted with the welcome screen again. This makes it nearly impossible to paste token before it expires.

Great monitoring service and app!

We have used Site 24x7 for years and the iOS app is a very helpful addition and is designed for very easy review of important details without added cruft. Their plan pricing is very clear and competitive in the monitoring industry.

** COSTS UP TO $449/MONTH!!! **

This app is not free, no where does it outline costs or tell you that when you sign up it is for a 30 day trial. Packages can cost up to $449 PER MONTH!

Great product !



As true to the web portal as it can be! Great job.

Caveat Emptor

I downloaded the app and didn't open it right away. There were several apps on my iPad that had updates, this included. It only did a partial download and so now it's stuck. I can't update it, and I can't delete it!!! It's slowing my iPad down considerably too.

Great app

Reliable enough

Great product

This could be a great product there are some bugs and the lack of suspend a alarm from the app. Its a must for beginners not for pros

Great product, great support and just what we needed!

We use Site24x7 in our office to monitor both our external websites and our internal web applications. We love it. It is exactly what we needed, it met our requirements and our users can't live without. The technical support is incredible. Being able to use this app to see the status of all our sites remotely is perfect. Thank you.

Forget This

Won't even allow a login. Total waste.

Great app for website monitoring !!!

Nice to know the status of the service on the move !! Expecting more configuration from the App.

Great app for great service

Like having the opportunity to view the network remotely. Good app.

Must have paid website account

Apparently no free option. App stays on log in with no account. No pointer in app how to even sign up

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